Tree Preservation Orders (TPO's)

Many trees are protected by law in the form of preservation orders. These are made by the local council/ planning authority and can cover either a single tree or a group of trees. The preservation order prevents work on a tree without prior notice and approval from the council. 

We provide the service to check if your tree has a TPO and if necessary apply for consent to work on it.


Conservation Areas

Conservation areas, with relation to trees, are designated zones where all trees above a certain size are protected, much like a TPO. Written consent must be received from the local council/ planning authority to carry out work on trees in this area. 

It is possible to check if your tree falls within a conservation area by selecting the conservation area maps available on your local council website. For the Malvern Hills area there are 21 separate conservation area maps.


For further information booklets are available from the library or online from your local council website.





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