Correct pruning can often be a solution to any problems caused by trees. For advice on what sort of solutions would be relevant to you do not hesitate to contact us. Below are a few common maintenance options:


Crown Reductions

Sometimes large trees outgrow their environment. A reduction of the canopy's size can prevent the tree from becoming too large and having adverse affects on its surroundings. If kept maintained the tree can survive for longer within its environment. A reduction generally takes away between 10-30% of the original canopy size depending on circumstances.


Crown Lifting

Some trees may have inconveniently low branches causing obstruction and sometimes blocking the path of sunlight. By correctly pruning the lower branches back a tree can survive healthily in its environment whilst permitting ease of ground level activities.


Crown Thinning

Some trees form a very dense canopy blocking the path of sun light. Many branches become redundant and die out whilst others may cross and rub together as they grow creating weaknesses. By selective pruning in the canopy certain branches can be eliminated reducing potential dangers and the possibility of disease and weakness in the future. Branches can be given their own space to grow and the passage of light can be extended through the tree benefiting both the tree and the user of the surrounding environment.



As trees grow older some branches in the canopy become redundant. Either the tree does not need them any longer or they may have become damaged and die back. This wood is then left in the canopy deteriorating and it is possible that it can fall at some point. By removing deadwood in the canopy it eliminates the risk of it falling and damaging property or people. This is often done when the tree is in an urban environment where it poses a higher risk to it's surroundings. 



To keep fast growing trees under control in restricted environments such as roadsides, removal of foliage to a simple structured branch framework can be undertaken. This is then repeated on a cycle where new growth is pruned back to the previous points. This prevents the trees above ground framework and below ground root structure from expanding too far and causing damage to nearby infrastructure.

Essentially this is a form of severe crown reduction and can be done only on specific trees that can regenerate properly.





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